The COINTELPRO Collection

The Library has two sets of COINTELPRO collection microfilm. The first set is the more complete one; it includes 30 reels, on such topics as White hate groups, Black nationalist groups, the Socialist Workers Party, and the New Left.  This collection is shelved in the Newspapers/Microforms room as MICROFILM.18097.JK (there is a special system of numbering for microfilm in the UCB Library).  This collection does NOT have an index, but all the reels are labeled with the topics included on that roll.  There is a partial index available on the Internet.

Here is a breakdown of the topics in this collection:

  • Reels 1-17. Communist Party of the U.S. (File 100 - 3-104)
  • Reel 17. Hoodwink (File 100-446533).
  • Reels 18-20. White hate groups (File 157-9).
  • Reels 21-24. Black nationalist hate groups (File 100-448006).
  • Reels 25-28. New Left (File 100-449698)
  • Reel 28. Socialist Workers Party (File 100-436291)
  • Reel 29. Nationalist groups (Files 105-190209, 100-434445, 105-99938, 105-93124)
  • Reel 30. Special operations (File 105-174254) and Espionage (File 65-69260)

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The second set of COINTELPRO documents is limited only to the documents concerning Black nationalist groups; it contains 8 reels.  This collection is numbered separately, MICROFILM 78807. As far as library staff knows, this material duplicates the Black nationalist material included in the more complete collection, but there is an advantage to using it -- there is a printed index to the contents of the rolls.  The index is shelved in the Newpapers/Microforms room (MICROFILM 78807 NEWS).

Description of this collection in OskiCat

To find the location of the microfilm, or the location of the printed guide, ask a News/Micro staff member or consult this floorplan [PDF].

Historical Newspapers (ProQuest)

Want to find articles from major newspapers from the World War II time period?  You can do this through an easy-to-use online database: ProQuest Historical Newspapers.  Search for keywords (like Richmond or women war workers) and limit your search by time period.

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