ETH STD 21AC: A Comparative Survey of Racial and Ethnic Groups

Finding Background Information

The following titles are just examples of sources for background information  on immigration topics and on specific immigrant groups. 

For more sources, search Oskicat by subject, including specific ethnic groups (ex:  indians of north america encyclopedias, mexican americans dictionaries), browse the reference collections of Doe Library (2nd floor) or the Ethnic Studies Library, or ask for assistance

Remember to search broadly - if you are not finding reference sources on vietnamese americans, search more broadly (ex:  asian american* encyclopedias).

Harvard Encyclopedia of American Ethnic Groups  (1980)

Gale Encyclopedia of Multicultural America (2000)

Encyclopedia of Immigration and Migration in the American West (2006)

Encyclopedia of American Immigration (2001)

Encyclopedia of African American History and Culture (2006)

The Hispanic American Almanac:  a reference work on Hispanics in the United States (2003)

Asian American History and Culture:  an encyclopedia (2010)

The Native North American almanac: a reference work on Native North Americans in the United States (2001)


Brainstorming Academic Disciplines


Topic:  Image of African American women in advertising

potentially relevant disciplines:

African American Studies
Gender and Women's Studies
Ethnic Studies
Media Studies


Keywords - Brainstorming

Developing appropriate keywords/search terms is an essential part of research.  First, break your topic into components.  Develop a list of synonyms and alternative terminology for each component.  Think about broader and narrower concepts and word variants.  What words can you exclude?

Topic: Image of African American Women in Advertising

image(s) or stereotyp(es)(ing) or depict(ion) or portray(al)...

african american(s) or black(s) or minorit(y)(ies)

women or gender

advertis(e)(ing) or media

Remember to be creative with your terminology!  More examples:

people of color and environmental activism*
environmental justice
environmental justice and hazardous waste*
environmental equity
environmental discrimination
environmental racism
environmental injustice

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