THEATER R1B: Global Shakespeare

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These notes contain additional suggestions about how you might proceed to best use the resources outlined in this class guide.  They presume familiarity with the general concepts and information addressed in the other tabbed pages of the guide.

Suggested resources

  • OSKICAT  Find books on authors, directors, types of theater, historical period, etc.

    Search for journals you've already identified as having article content on your topic. Or books you've identified with chapters on your topic.

  • SUBJECT article databases: Identify article and essay content on your topic. Check out subject databases for literature and film.

    • MLA International Bibliography (citation database/no full text; use UC-eLinks to locate result text)

  • GENERAL article databases: Check out the interdisciplinary databases.

    • JSTOR (full text resource)
  • ENCYCLOPEDIAS (literature): Information about an author's life can help interpret their work.

    Literature Resource Center
    (includes some directors too)

    1. Navigate to subject databases for literature (as above)
    2. In sidebar menu link to encyclopedias
    3. Link to LRC and select a Person search
    4. Results will be tabbed (see biographies)
  • Media Resources Center: UC Berkeley Library's primary collection of materials in electronic non-print (audio and visual) formats.

    • Film studies resources including bibliography of materials in UCB Library re. Akira Kurosawa.

Search tips

  • Recommended Tips for searching databases (also consider limiting by language)
  • Catalog searching (for books about a topic)

    • search 2 or 3  terms representing key concepts of your focus

      try different combinations of terms
      try synonyms and related terms
      try adding the term criticism for literary analysis

      Sample keyword searches...

      kurosawa and criticism
      macbeth and criticism
      shakespeare and criticism and love

    • Limit by language - modify search to limit by selected language

  • If you get stuck try the chat reference feature (Help tab)
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