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Article databases

Article databases help identify articles on a topic (sometimes more than articles) and where they were published (e.g. what publications). Sometimes results link to article content online.

Access: see electronic resources section of this page.  Off-campus access also requires Proxy Server or VPN setup (see For Starters tab for details).

Library electronic resources

Find Information tab

Link to electronic resources in the find information tab of the library website.

Link to subject specific or general (interdisciplinary) databases, or link to resources by type (news, images, etc.)

  • article databases (default)
  • sidebar menu (links to other types of e-resources for chosen subject)
  • description (subject, type of materials, dates of publication, if full text available)
  • Recommended (central resource, typically helpful for many researchers)

Choosing a Database

It's important to use the right tool for the job.  Choosing the "right" resource means choosing a database that finds you the kind of materials you need.

For your assignment you're likely to use the UCB Library catalog (OskiCat) and/or an article database.

Which you use, and at what point in the research process, depends on what you already know and the kind of materials you're seeking.

In a nutshell: if you already have a citation (i.e. you want to find a known item), you can start with the catalog.  If you only have a topic and wish to isolate articles or essays on the topic, you'll need to use an article database first.

See details about these two types of resources, when to use what, and locating results.

Library Catalog

OskiCat is the UCB library catalog.

A catalog tells you what a library has (in Berkeley's case, libraries), the location, and whether or not the item is available (sample catalog record).

  • books
  • journals
  • films, etc.

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