HIST 103: Becoming an American: Immigration, Culture and Society in 20th Century America

Finding Background Information

The following titles are just examples of sources for background information  on immigration topics and on specific immigrant groups.  For more sources, search Oskicat by subject, including specific ethnic groups (ex:  indians of north america encyclopedias, mexican americans dictionaries), browse the reference collections of Doe Library (2nd floor) or the Ethnic Studies Library, or ask for assistance.  Remember to search broadly - if you are not finding reference sources on vietnamese americans, search more broadly (ex:  asian american* encyclopedias).

Harvard Encyclopedia of American Ethnic Groups  (1980)

Gale Encyclopedia of Multicultural America (2000)

Encyclopedia of Immigration and Migration in the American West (2006)

Encyclopedia of American Immigration (2001)

We the People: an Atlas of America's Ethnic Diversity   (1988)

Atlas of American diversity (1998)

Search Oskicat by keyword ethnic chronology series for a series of chronologies of the history of specific ethnic groups (Czechs, Filipinos, etc.) The titles are from the 1970's and not every group is represented but still a useful starting place for some ethnic groups.

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