AMER STD 101: Harlem Renaissance


To find books, DVDs, maps, sound recordings, manuscripts, and much more - everything except articles - use a library catalog.

OskiCat = most UC Berkeley libraries

MELVYL = all UC campus libraries, including all UC Berkeley libraries

What's the difference?  more details here

For each item make sure you know the name of the physical library, call number, and whether or not it's checked out, library use only, etc.

Call numbers are on the spine of the book; learn how to read them so you can find what you need on the shelves.

Searching OskiCat

Sample searches in OskiCat or MELVYL (primary and secondary sources)

harlem renaissance
harlem renaissance women
cotton club
jazz new york
duke ellington
african american* newspapers new york
(limit format to journals/newspapers/magazines)
angelina weld grimke

* = truncation or wildcard symbol; child* - child, childs, children, childish, childhood...

you can also search by author:  grimke, angelina weld


  • you may limit your results to Berkeley
  • to borrow materials owned by other campuses, use the Request button

in most library catalogs you may:

  • modify your searches or use Advanced searching to limit results to English, specify years of publication, limit to a library location, limit to a format (videos, manuscripts, etc.)
  • save items to a list and e-mail the list to yourself

SMS and QR Codes in OskiCat

You can now text yourself a call number or use a QR code reader to find the location of an item in the UCB Library. Just click on a title in your OskiCat search results, and both options will be displayed on the right.

SMS and QR image

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