AMER STD 101: Harlem Renaissance

Background Information - Reference Sources

For background information about your topic, or to look up facts, dates, terminology, or biographical information, look for reference sources.

Online:  Library home > Electronic Resources > Electronic Resources:  Types A-Z > select a type (atlases, biographical information, dictionaries, encyclopedias, image databases, etc.)

Printed reference sources:

Search OskiCat:

african american* encyclopedias
harlem renaissance encyclopedias
harlem renaissance dictionaries
jazz encyclopedias

or ask for research assistance.

Guide to Finding Primary Sources

UCB Library Guide to Finding Primary Sources

Think about:

  • what types of primary sources do you want to find?  books? mainstream magazine and newspaper articles? memoirs and autorbiographies? African American newspapers and journals?  photographs? sound recordings? film? other?
  • what information can you find out about your topic? especially useful would be:
    • names of individuals
    • names of organizations
    • titles of journals/newspapers/books
    • place names (ex:  Small's Paradise)
    • dates or date ranges

Primary source databases for American History

Other useful links

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