LIBR 200: Smart Publishing in Education: Rights, Impact, Social Justice

Faculty Contribution

Faculty contribution

Commerical Publishers Profits

Chart showing profit margin of commercial pubs

Library Expenditures

Chart showing ARL Library Expenditures

Library Budget Trend

Chart showing Library expenditure as % of Univ Budget

Follow the Money

Are academic journal publishers making a profit?

According to this article from the Guardian, Elsevier's profit in 2010 was 36%! Elsevier itself announced "Robust financial performance in unprecedented global recession" in its 2009 Report -- including a 14% increase.

According to Digital Koans in 2009 Wiley reported a full year contribution to profit +14% and fourth quarter contribution to profit +22% on a currency neutral basis.

Case study:

June 9, 2010: The Nature Publishing Group (NPG) proposes to tripe the price of a UC license for Nature and its 67 affiliated journals. The CDL's letter to UC faculty stated that:

  • In the past six years, UC authors have contributed some 5,300 articles to NPG journals, 638 in the flagship journal Nature.
  • UC author contributions have helped shape the prestige of NPG journals.
  • UC faculty also contribute a significant amount of time serving as reviewers, editors and advisory board members.


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