ENGLISH 1B: (Re)Telling Arthur: Arthurian Legends

Background Sources

Examples of reference sources for background information:

Oxford Reference Online - Literature (online!)
     includes the Oxford Dictionary of Literary Terms

The Cambridge companion to the Arthurian legend

The Oxford guide to Arthurian literature and legend

A companion to Arthurian and Celtic myths and legends

Arthurian legends on film and television

Encyclopedia of the Middle Ages (online!)

Encyclopedia of the medieval world

For more, search OskiCat (examples):

middle ages women encyclopedias
tennyson bibliographies
criticism terminology

or ask for research assistance

Selected Excerpts of Literary Criticism

  • Literature Criticism Online
    Contains thousands of essays from the Gale literary criticism books including: Classical and Medieval Literature Criticism (CMLC), Contemporary Literary Criticism (CLC), Drama Criticism (DC), Literature Criticism from 1400-1800 (LC), Poetry Criticism (PC), Shakespearean Criticism (SC), Short Story Criticism (SSC), and Twentieth Century Literary Criticism (TCLC).
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