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Teaching and Learning Expertise Group (TLEG)

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This cross-disciplinary expertise group fosters instructional excellence and innovation by identifying, exploring, supporting, assessing, and showcasing pedagogical practices and methods that contribute to inclusive information literacy for UC Berkeley’s diverse populations. TLEG supports instruction in all formats and contexts —from one-on-one consultations through to large-lecture classes and online instruction—and facilitates professional development. We seek to address questions about how to best support meaningful student learning, to assess for continuous improvement, and to communicate our instructional impact. TLEG’s action-oriented approach uses two tactics:

  1. Facilitating the Instructor Development Program (IDP), to cultivate a learning community of library instructors and create opportunities for growth through ongoing professional development and peer support.
  2. Designing and implementing action research projects to offer scalable, flexible solutions to problems of instructional practice.

TLEG supports the Library’s strategic directions and positions the Library to grow instruction in emerging areas of information literacy, such as data science and digital scholarship. It also informs the Instruction Services Division’s support of teaching and learning. We will work with a network of partners including the Data Initiatives Expertise Group, the Library Assessment Advisory Group, and campus partners such as the Center for Teaching & Learning.

Beth Dupuis, Associate University Librarian, Educational Initiatives & User Services

Members (2018-2019)
Nicole Brown (Instruction Services Division) (Convener)
Kiyoko Shiosaki (Instruction Services Division) (Co-convener)
Lynn Cunningham (Arts & Humanities Division)
David Eifler (Social Sciences Division)
Jeremy Ott (Arts & Humanities Division)
Anna Sackmann (Engineering & Physical Sciences Division)
Michael Sholinbeck (Life & Health Sciences Division)

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