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The Social Sciences Council is one of three subject councils within the Library. For more information on the structure of library councils, see the Library Organization Chart.

The Social Sciences Council is a subject-focused group organized to discuss and advise on library issues related to collections and services affecting social sciences faculty and students.

The Council's major activities will include:

  1. Reviewing social science collection issues referred to the Council.
  2. Discussing and referring issues raised by members to other library councils, or to the Library Administration.
  3. Encouraging information exchange and a spirit of cooperation among the social science selectors and reference librarians/specialists.
  4. Planning educational and training sessions/workshops.
  5. Providing opportunities for library support services (e.g., LSO, Technical Services, Admin. Services, etc.) to interact with council members.

Membership is open to librarians and library assistants involved in social science collection development and reference services.

Some of the work of the Council may be done by ad hoc task forces composed of members and other library staff.

David Eifler, Environmental Design Library (2018-2020)

AUL Liaison:
Beth Dupuis, AUL and Director Doe/Moffitt


Lillian Castillo-Speed, Ethnic Studies Library

Jim Church, Research & Collections for Humanities/Social Sciences

Adam Clemons, African & African American Studies Librarian

Jennifer Dorner, Instruction Services Division

Susan Edwards, Social Research Library

Celia Emmelhainz, Anthropology Library

Natalia Estrada, Social Sciences Division

Jianye He, East Asian Library

Corliss Lee, Instruction Services Division

Julie Lefevre, Institute of Governmental Studies Library

Chan Li, Assessment Program Librarian

Adnan Malik, South/Southeast Asian Library

Toshie Marra, East Asian Library

Becky Miller, Bioscience and Natural Resources Library

Kathi Neal, Bancroft Library

Liladhar Pendse, Research & Collections for International/Area Studies

Margaret Phillips, Social Research Library

Susan Powell, Earth Sciences and Map Library

Joshua Quan, Data Services Librarian

Theresa Salazar, Bancroft Library

Hilary Schiraldi, Long Business Library

Virginia Shih, South/Southeast Asian Library

Jesse Silva, Research & Collections for Humanities/Social Sciences

Monica Singh, Long Business Library

Gisele Tanasse, Media Resources Center

Susan Xue, East Asian Library

Meeting schedule:
3rd Thursday every other month, 1:30 - 3:00pm

E-mail list:

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