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Library Roundtable

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Roundtable is an important forum for information sharing and discussions between the Library Lead Team and the next layer of leadership from all units of the University Library. Members are expected to attend all the meetings. When they are unable to attend, members will identify an appropriate substitute that they prepare to contribute to the meeting -- this may be someone from their unit who is well-matched to the agenda items of that meeting, or they may coordinate with their AUL/Director to serve in that role. The substitute does not necessarily have to be in a managerial role.

In-person meetings prioritize topics that: are informed by group consideration, impact the Berkeley campus and University Library broadly, and/or enable members to develop as managers prepared to build a strong organizational culture and to guide our diverse workforce to advance the Library’s and University’s missions.  Meetings often include commentary from the University Librarian; spotlights about Library policies, practices, and projects; discussions about current issues affecting the Library; and/or topics focused on management or leadership development. Roundtable serves as an important consultation group to inform recommendations and provide advice for decisions; if formal votes are taken, they will be considered final at that meeting.  All members may send information updates that are relevant to managers to the group via email anytime.  All members may suggest items for future agendas.

Agendas will be shared in advance of the meeting with any pre-reading noted so members have time to prepare. Guests will be invited according to the agenda topics. Highlights from each Roundtable meeting will be shared in a timely manner with all library staff.  Managers are expected to discuss relevant topics regularly in their departmental meetings and to raise questions and suggest topics that arise in those meetings for future Roundtable agendas.  Presentations about programs, services, and issues will be held as open meetings for all library staff as appropriate.

Roundtable primarily includes the Library’s Lead Team members, key managers that report directly to those people, as well as one representative from the Affiliated Libraries and the assessment librarian. 

Elizabeth Dupuis

Meeting schedule:
Monthly, usually Thursday, 9-10:30am

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