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Free Speech Movement Café

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The Free Speech Movement (FSM) Café, centrally located at the entrance to Moffitt Library, is a casual place to gather, study, or take a break with friends and colleagues. It is also a venue for periodic FSM Café educational events. The Café honors Mario Savio, who played a key role in the struggle for free speech at UC, and commemorates the events of the Free Speech Movement at UC Berkeley. Indoor and terrace seating is provided. Café hours match Moffitt Library hours.


The FSM Café offers soups, salads and sandwiches made with local, sustainable or organic ingredients when available. Specials change seasonally to allow utilization of those ingredients that are freshest and locally available. All foods are house-made including organic breads and a great selection of pastries made with organic flour and other organic ingredients. All coffee is Fair Trade and organic, and tea is organic and Fair Trade when possible. The menu is a manifestation of the ideals inherent in the Free Speech Movement. Through support of local farmers who practice sustainable farming methods, those individuals who are maintaining the earth for the next generation are honored and supported. And finally, through this philosophy, students become conscious that their choice for food is a political choice as well.


The FSM Café Educational Program Series provides opportunities for students, faculty, staff, and other members of the UC Berkeley community to offer forums, panels, exhibits and other events in the FSM Café to generate critical discussion about contemporary social and political issues. See the call for proposals and information about previous events.


Four wall mounted cases with rotating exhibits are used to educate and inform cafe patrons about aspects of the Free Speech Movement or other issues of public policy.

Bulletin Boards

The bulletin boards for the FSM Café are provided to UC students as a place to post and read information about current activities at Berkeley and elsewhere that are examples of people working on today's social and political issues. It is not intended to be a general posting bulletin board. The bulletin board will be cleared on a weekly basis to remove extraneous postings.


The FSM Café was made possible through the generosity of alumnus Stephen M. Silberstein, whose gift funded the construction of the Café, supported the digitization of the FSM archives, and endowed library collections in the humanities.

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