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Free Speech Movement Cafe Programs Committee

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The Free Speech Movement Cafe Programs Committee is an outcome of the Free Speech Movement Educational Programs Task Force, which also produced the Free Speech Movement Cafe Educational Programs Manual (pdf).

The committee should include at least five library staff, two faculty, one graduate student and one undergraduate. Library staff and faculty serve two-year terms; students may serve one-year terms.

Melissa Martin (Bancroft Library), Co-Chair, 2018-2019
Shannon Monroe (Interlibrary Services), Co-Chair, 2018-2019

Nina Bayley (Arts & Humanities Division), 2018-2020
Lauren Castro (Library Communications), 2018-2019
Sine Hwang Jensen (Ethnic Studies Library, Affiliated Libraries), 2017-2019
Steve Mendoza (Arts & Humanities Division), 2018-2020
Beth Shippey (Engineering & Physical Sciences Division), 2018-2020

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