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Is there a limit to the amount of materials I can check out under my name at any one time?

Yes. On the borrow page, see the section that outlines loan periods and check-out limits.

Does the library provide document delivery?

Document delivery is available to faculty and graduate students for a fee by the BAKER document retrieval and delivery service.

See the Interlibrary Borrowing FAQ page for more information.

Why the name OskiCat?

OskiCat was the winning submission in a staff contest to select a name for the new UCB Library online catalog, which replaced Pathfinder and Gladis as of June 24, 2009. Oski (Berkeley mascot) + cat(alog) = OskiCat.

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Where can I search for online articles?

There are many places to find full-text articles and article citations - on the library home page, the Articles link under the How to Find tab is a good place to start.

Where is a list of library phone numbers?

Phone numbers are prominently displayed on Library homepages.