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Is there a limit to the amount of materials I can check out under my name at any one time?

Yes. On the borrow page, see the section that outlines loan periods and check-out limits.

Does the library provide document delivery?

Yes. Document delivery is provided via the fee-based BAKER document retrieval and delivery service, which locates citations in the Berkeley collection, checks out or photocopies material as appropriate, and delivers the material to your department. If an electronic version of an article you requested is available, BAKER will refer you to a web site where the article can be viewed and printed. If necessary, BAKER will place holds, searches and storage requests on your behalf. If the material is not in the Berkeley collection (and if you have pre-authorized BAKER to do so), BAKER will automatically forward your request to the Interlibrary Borrowing Service.

If you are not a member of the Berkeley campus community, please see the Interlibrary Lending Service website.

What is the Baker Service?

BAKER is a fee-based Document Delivery Service for UCB faculty, staff, graduate students, and UCOP staff with current UCB library cards that locates citations for you in the Berkeley collection, checks out or photocopies material you have requested, delivers items to your department, points you to web sites where the articles can be viewed and printed, and/or places holds, searches and storage requests on your behalf.

Why the name OskiCat?

OskiCat was the winning submission in a staff contest to select a name for the new UCB Library online catalog, which replaced Pathfinder and Gladis as of June 24, 2009. Oski (Berkeley mascot) + cat(alog) = OskiCat.

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Where can I search for online articles?

There are many places to find full-text articles and article citations - on the library home page, the Articles link under the How to Find tab is a good place to start.

Where is a list of library phone numbers?

Phone numbers are prominently displayed on Library homepages.