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How do I put a hold on a book or submit a recall request?

If you search for a book in OskiCat and find that it has already been checked out by another borrower, you can now submit a request for it online, as long as there are no other copies currently available on campus (this includes copies that could be checked out, and also reference copies that can be used in the library).

If no such copies are available, you will see a Request button in OskiCat (see image below).

When you select this option you will be prompted to log in with either your Library/Cal1 card number and PIN, or your CalNet ID and passphrase. The login screen explains more about these options.

You will then be able to select the UCB library where you want the book delivered.

When you submit a request, the borrower who currently has the item will receive a message to return it within seven days. When the item is returned, you will receive an email when it is available to be picked up.

To view the requests you have pending, click on the My OskiCat link, located in top right corner of each OskiCat screen.

Request in OskiCat

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