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Data and Digital Scholarship expertise group

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Convener, lead AUL: Erik Mitchell

Suggested by library staff during our re-envisioning initiative, the Library is creating expertise groups designed to develop professional learning communities within our organization, encourage the sharing of questions and approaches across disciplines, provide a core group for guiding the Library on big issues, and be a springboard for innovative and effective ways to align the Library with the University’s mission.

The Data and Digital Scholarship expertise group will cover such topics as: data science, data management, e-Science, digital humanities APIs, text/data mining, digitization, and library partnerships.


Jennifer Dorner, Instruction Services Division
Mary Elings, Bancroft Library
Lynne Grigsby, Library Applications & Publishing
Holly Hatheway, Arts & Humanities Division
Jeff MacKie-Mason, University Librarian (Advisor)
Tim Pinault, Digital Projects Manager
Susan Powell, Engineering & Physical Sciences Division
Susan Xue, East Asian Library

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