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Nell Chenault (
Wed, 22 Dec 1999 13:43:48 -0800 (PST)

Jim, I would love to attend either night.
I looked for restaurant reviews on several full text databases (a very
librarian thing to do). I plan to locate recommended restaurants to rate
them by proximity to the Convention sites. Suggestions so far.

Hispanic Magazine recommends three San Antonio hispanic restaurants (part
of their 50 Best Hispanic Restaurants:
La Margarita, Los Barrios, and Taco House.
Texas Monthly, 1998 recommends the following:
Along the River:
Boudro's on the River Walk, 421 E. Commerce (224-8484). Looks like neuvo
latino. Upper moderate to expensive. Indoor/Outdoor
Dolores del Rio, 106 E. River Walk (223-0609). Eccentric. BYOB (Will this
work with this crowd?)
Kangaroo Court, 512 River Walk (224-6821). Australian.
Prosidio, 245 E. Commerce (472-2265). Mediterranean (grilling). Moderate
to expensive. Indoor/riverside.
Zunl Grill, 511 Rive Walk (227-0864) Southwest elegant. Upper moderate.
Koranan, 2458 Harry Wurbach (804-0019) Asian-light, Korean. Inexpensive
to moderate.
Wildfire Grill & Cafe, 4901 Broadway (822-6282). neuvo American? Mentions
venison, stir-fried vegetables(for Marc). Moderate.
Texas Monthly also recommends Los Barrios mentioned above. 4223 Blanco
(732-6017) Mexican & South American. LIVE MARIMBA MUSIC 1-3:30 on weekend
nights!!! Lower Moderate.

Also saw good reviews for
Boudros - SW cuisine. Indoor/outdoor (see above)
Michalinols - Italian (calimari)
Rio Rio Cantins -Mexican
Liberty Bar (Esquire magazine) Western. 328 E. Josephine (210) 227-1187.
This one looks very interesting!
La Fogata - chargill, Mexican

I may look further tonight, trying to locate these on a map and checking
with some inlaws from San Antonio.
Merry Christmas!

At 04:33 PM 12/21/1999 -0800, you wrote:
>Hi All,
>This invitation superscedes my other suggestion about a VRT get-together on
>Sunday. Both Randy Pitman and myself (Jim Scholtz) don't arrive into San
>Antonio until late evening on Friday. We also have a previous engagement
>with ALA Pres. elect nancy Kranich on Sunday evening, so I would like to
>propose a get-together (dutch treat) on Saturday, 1/15 at about 6:30 ish.
>I'll find a place - probably on the Riverwalk (any suggestions would be
>helpful). Please let me know who will be attending and I'll make
>reservations. Kris Brancolini may be developing a get-together on Friday
>evening, but I hope that you'll elect to come to this one also (you have to
>eat out anyway; better to eat out among VRT friends) - even if you're not
>in VRT and your at ALA Midwinter and want to see what kind of fun we have,
>please JOIN us. Thanks. Jim Scholtz.

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