VRT get-together

Jim Scholtz (jscholtz@sdln.net)
Tue, 21 Dec 1999 16:34:00 -0800 (PST)

Hi All,

This invitation superscedes my other suggestion about a VRT get-together on
Sunday. Both Randy Pitman and myself (Jim Scholtz) don't arrive into San
Antonio until late evening on Friday. We also have a previous engagement
with ALA Pres. elect nancy Kranich on Sunday evening, so I would like to
propose a get-together (dutch treat) on Saturday, 1/15 at about 6:30 ish.
I'll find a place - probably on the Riverwalk (any suggestions would be
helpful). Please let me know who will be attending and I'll make
reservations. Kris Brancolini may be developing a get-together on Friday
evening, but I hope that you'll elect to come to this one also (you have to
eat out anyway; better to eat out among VRT friends) - even if you're not
in VRT and your at ALA Midwinter and want to see what kind of fun we have,
please JOIN us. Thanks. Jim Scholtz.