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Just a thought..... How about contacting Dr. Sandra Hesten at the
Didsbury School of Education. They have a Dorothy Heathcote Archives and it
appears that she is still doing research on Heathcote. They have a website
It might be worth a try!
Beth Hansen

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> Hi all,
> OK...I'm hoping that someone out there who's up for a challenge can help
> out with this...
> I am looking for a current distributor for the video "Three Looms
> a program which features Dorothy Heathcote teaching drama to young
> children. It's a 1972 BBC production that we bought years ago. It was
> originally distributed by Time-Life. Unfortunately, neither Time-Life nor
> BBC in New York seem to know what's become of this program. I've tried
> searching all my print sources (Video Source Book, Bowker's, distributor
> catalogs etc.) and also tried to find info on the Internet. No luck. I've
> been pointed to Ambrose and Video Finders by Time-Life, but they had no
> information either. I can't even find a rental source. BBC suspects it's
> out of print, but they didn't seem quite sure. It probably is, but I just
> wondered if any of you amazing folks had some insight into this before I
> really have to give up on it.
> Any clues would be most appreciated. Even a rental source would be a big
> Thanks much and here's hoping!
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