Core collection titles

Michael Vollmar-Grone (
Thu, 16 Dec 1999 06:21:54 -0800 (PST)

For anyone interested, the core video component of the Amos Memorial
Public Library collection can be downloaded from: .

The titles are reflective of the broad collection; theatrical,
informational, and children's videos. Run-time and one of the genre
identifiers are included. The file is in Word 95 format using 164 KB.

The nearly 1,400 titles to date were designated based on the following.

Core collection criteria
a. National Film Registry.
b. Top Awards from nationally recognized groups.
(i.e. Academy Awards, Cannes, Sundance, Golden Globes, etc.).
c. Top rating by acknowledged critics.
(i.e. 5 Stars by Martin & Porter (Video Movie Guide),
5 Stars by Video Rating Guide,
4 Stars by Maltin, Ebert, etc.,
4 Stars by Video Librarian).
d. Highest possible recommendation from professional journals.
(i.e. Library Journal, etc.).
e. Expertise of those responsible for material selection whose judgment
is critical
in fulfilling the stated vision and mission of the library.

Happy Holidays.

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