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Jessica (
Wed, 15 Dec 1999 16:17:22 -0800 (PST)

We may be talking apples & oranges. You seem somewhat focused on academic
library collections whereas I think the big problem is in Public and
particularly branch library collections. There I think the need for not so
much a list but guidelines and reccomendations is absolutely crucial. I
think a curated list for educational may work but pressuring more public
libraries to broaden their collections beyond Disney is really essential. I
really do not care about particular films other than the idea that
selections of video needs to be done for reasons other than cheap & easy.
Lists often lead to problems. A library collection could survive without a
single copy of CITIZEN KANE, THE GENERAL , RULES OF THE GAME or even a Bill
Moyers series but it can not function as a true library collection without a
real committment to non-fiction, foreign & classic films, otherwise the
public might as well go to Blockbuster


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>Subject: Re: An Idea
>Date: Wed, Dec 15, 1999, 11:29 PM

>It's not a perfect world, Jessica. Building core cinema collections
>couldn't be a more different endeavor than developing a core of
>non-theatrical works. I realize that movies can be used as texts, and as a
>means of both educational and aesthetic enlightenment. It goes without
>saying that no effective video collection should be without a core of movie
>classics. I'm hoping Randy will update his book and set the world
>straight regarding this domain; for the purposes of my book and the list, I
>think I'm sticking to non-theatricals.
>At 03:13 PM 12/15/1999 -0800, you wrote:
>>OK I am being self serving again but "non-theatrical" knocks out virtually
>>all foreign & classic films which are sorely missing from most public
>>library collections. I think we ought to encourage a broad catagory of
>>videos. Certianly films like Modern Times and The 400 Blows are
>>"educational" but they are "theatrical". Lists are VERY tricky but the idea
>>of SERIOUS collection developement escpecially for public libraries is a
>>crucial issue. Personally my own list would be 200 copies of KISS ME DEADLY
>>( no I am not kidding it is my favorite film, though I would NEVER actually
>>watch it on video).
>>jessica rosner
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>>>yup...I'm talking non-theatrical!
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