Re: Childbirth/Parenting videos
Fri, 10 Dec 1999 13:33:49 -0800 (PST)

Dear James G. Smith,

The Cinema Guild distributes several videos about childbirth. I have
provided descriptions below. If you are purchasing videos to use for home
loans to your patrons you can purchase them at the discounted prices below.
If you need public performance rights the prices listed with the descriptions
include public performance rights. If you have any questions about ordering
please feel free to contact me at the numbers indicated below.

$99.95 each when you purchase 1 video cassette
$89.95 each when you purchase 2 video cassettes
$79.95 each when you purchase 3 video cassettes
$69.95 each when you purchase 4 or more video cassettes

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This video presents the mission and practice of American midwives, explaining
the benefits and advantages of natural childbirth through interviews with
midwives and childbirth educators, the testimonies of new mothers, footage
and photos of actual births, and many touching stories. From a multicultural
American perspective, including African American, Latina, white ethnic and
Native American communities, we see a variety of birthing centers and their
facilities, hear the philosophy and techniques of midwifery through the
compassion of the midwives' own words, and learn about the general women's
health-care services they provide in addition to births and pregnancy care.
Just as the word ‘midwife' means being ‘with women with child', Midwives is
a video for all women and for all families.
Directed by Cassandra Doughty and Valerie Ann Tozier
1998, color, 69 mins., VHS video
Purchase: $79.95

This series of funny and frank interviews, in which women tell their personal
stories of pregnancy and birth, is intercut with black and white footage of
actual births. The video captures the full range of wo-men's emotional
reactions, from amazement to resentment, providing amusing but illuminating
insights into a common experience that is still poorly understood or
Directed by Luanne Lippold
1995, color, 30 mins., video
Purchase: $250 Rental: $55
"Some of their stories are funny...many are touching-but each one is unique,
like birth itself." -- Parenting Magazine
"...Lippold's video achieves its greatest success, providing unflinching
insight into a common experience that is poorly understood." -- Minnesota

Examines nurse-midwifery as a significant and increasingly popular
alternative to traditional hospital childbirth methods. The video dispels
common misconceptions about midwifery, discusses the educational and training
requirements for certified nurse-midwives, and the nature of the pre-natal,
birthing, and post-partum care they provide which emphasizes the emotional,
social, psychological and family needs of the new parents.
Directed by Kathryn L. Niewenhous
1990, color, 25 mins., video
Purchase: $250 Rental: $50
*First Place Winner, National Council on Family Relations Media Awards
"...reassuring...a high-quality program."--Booklist (American Library
**** Highly Recommended "...portrays an accurate picture of the style and
philosophy of nurse-midwifery...Recommended for public and academic
libraries."--Video Rating Guide for Libraries