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Thu, 9 Dec 1999 12:24:18 -0800 (PST)

Rick, Barb, Etc.--

Our collection is all educational/public performance and accesssed
strictly from a catalog--all titles are booked through said catalog, no
one sees the tape case. We work with public libraries and their patrons,
so we're never sure of just who the final audience will be. We once had
a user book our adult level (clearly noted in the catalog) biography of
Andy Warhol and send it back with indignant note that it "was not
suitiable for pre-school children". Go figure. Users must read the
catalog annotation and make a decision on using the title. We recommend
previewing all materials before use with all our clients, but on some
titles I also use Rick's method of giving a "heads up". At the end of
the annotations on these titles we say, "It is strongly recommended that
this title be previewed before use." As has been said, common sense is
very rare.

B. Rhodes
Audiovisual Consultant
Northeast Texas Library System

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