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Thu, 9 Dec 1999 12:26:18 -0800 (PST)


Brace yourself for a home truth Gary, any public librarian who doesn't
include consideration of the "rip-off factor" when purchasing high dollar
material (of any format) either has a huge and unending budget (Ha!) or
hasn't been buying material very long, In most cases it is not a major
factor, but it is a factor. I worked in a branch library that opened the
building with 187 copies of the newest GED test guide; at the end of that
year there was one left that we could find, the others were MIA. This
sort of thing does go into calulating how much you can spend on what and
how often you can afford to replace it. Very few public libraries in
this state have any legal recourse to theft problems. The best most
muncipalities will allow is misdemeanor offenses and the state
legislature refuses to enact any legislation that will help enforcement,
even for major collection thefts. Reality 101: to buy wonderful stuff to
enlighten and amaze, you have to have funds aren't 90% dedicated to
replacing what goes missing. It's a nasty crunch sometimes.

B. Rhodes
Audiovisual Consultant
Northeast Texas Library System

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