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The late Ivan Bender, one of the most knowledgeable and respected media
lawyers in his day, offered the opinion that individual viewing in a
library space (as opposed to group showing) would probably hold up under
fair other words, viewing a tape without performance rights in a
library setting is probably ok.

At 09:53 AM 12/08/1999 -0800, you wrote:
>My 2 cents:
>As far as viewing stations in a public library are concerned:
>In a public library which is a public building hence a public setting,
aren't public performance rights being violated if they have not been
purchased for the expensive title the patron wants to view?
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>>>> Brigid Duffy <> 12/07/99 02:13PM >>>
>Dear Videolibers,
>Okay, this is not my area - all of SFSU's videos are checked out to
>faculty only, and if it ever came down to it, the University could
>subtract the cost of a video from their paycheck - but for public
>librarians who (rightly so) wince at allowing general users to take $300+
>videos home --
>Isn't that a good argument for having a Video Reference area, just like a
>book Reference area? Pricey videos behind the librarian's desk, an
>appropriate number of carrels with headphones nearby, take ID while they
>watch it, and listen to them gasp when they bring it back and ask how much
>buying their own copy would be. And/or refer them to the vendor, on the
>idea that the more people who ask about a tape, the lower the price will
>Okay, so tell me why it won't work ...
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