Re: Re: Pricing, labelling -Reply

Mike Tribby (
Wed, 8 Dec 1999 09:39:37 -0800 (PST)

Earlier, Jessica wrote:

>Also you NEVER know what someone is going to find offensive. One school
>returned a copy of the documentary FILM BEFORE FILM because it contained the
>nude torso motion studies from the 19th century.
>I long ago gave up trying to judge a film's content for who might be upset
>by it.

In a related situation (not specifically a video, but still perhaps
germane) we once had a library return a book they had ordered titled:
Drawing the Female Nude. Their reason? Because it had pictures of naked
people in it.

BTW, if anyone on the list is interested in seeing a posting to PUBLIB from
a member of Family Friendly Libraries outlining their specific objections
to the Harry Potter books (again, not a video, but poaaibly germane to the
labelling discussion in its way), email me off-list and I'll try to send
you a copy.

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