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> The MPAA rating system is a PRIVATE, VOLUNTARY
> system developed by the MPAA to assist PARENTS in
> regulating their children's viewing.

Therefore, if a parent comes to
> you and says, "Why did you let my child check out that R
> video?" and you have an R label on it, your defense loses
> credibility. Without that label, you can simply explain the
> MPAA rating system and its intentions.

Playing devil's advocate here--
If the MPAA rating isn't on the video anywhere, how could one explain the MPAA rating
system?? If the rating's purpose is to help parents regulate their children's viewing, yet it
ISN'T provided on the video at the library, then how does that assist library patrons--
parents, that is--in helping decide what to allow their children to view?? One can't always
tell from the description on the case--if that's even there--what exactly the video includes.
How can parents make an informed choice if there's no information? I don't think including
the MPAA rating is necessarily an endorsement of that system; rather, having it there
ALLOWS the library staff to explain MPAA's purpose and even to discuss possible
problems with it. Or am I just naive?


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