Pricing, labelling -Reply

Leslie Andersen (LeslieA@LHQSMTP.COLAPL.ORG)
Tue, 7 Dec 1999 16:35:59 -0800 (PST)

Becky - Labeling for some things such as you mention
(public performance rights, closed captioning, etc.) doesn't
create any intentional problems as I can see. However,
putting an additional label for the MPAA rating is treading
on tenuous ground.

The MPAA rating system is a PRIVATE, VOLUNTARY
system developed by the MPAA to assist PARENTS in
regulating their children's viewing. That is all it is for. It has
no other purpose (see If a library attaches
a G, PG, R, etc. label they are thereby endorsing or
agreeing with that rating. Therefore, if a parent comes to
you and says, "Why did you let my child check out that R
video?" and you have an R label on it, your defense loses
credibility. Without that label, you can simply explain the
MPAA rating system and its intentions. In this case,
labeling of this type does violate ALA's Labeling Statement
IMHO, and puts you in a bad position. As far as I'm
concerned, libraries should not be using the rating system
at all when making collection or public service decisions. It
doesn't have anything to do with us and you are not
providing better public service by emphasizing it; just the

Leslie Andersen
Non-Print Materials Evaluator
County of Los Angeles Public Library