Pricing, labelling

Tatar, Becky (
Tue, 7 Dec 1999 12:32:06 -0800 (PST)

Sorry about the length of this, and I know I will get backlash from this,
but I honestly don't understand the problem with putting a label on the
videosleeve envelope that tells the title, length, public performance
rights, closed captioning or MPAA rating. Isn't the point supposed to be
about providing access to information to patrons in the clearest manner?
Sometimes, the information on the boxes is so small that you need intense
magnification to read it. How is that helping the patron? As far as
labeling for intense graphic images, we did that once. We have an video on
abortion that shows aborted fetuses. This is something that could surprise
people checking it out. If information like that isn't on the box, where
can you put it? In the catalog bib record? How many patrons look there for
videos? Most of our patrons browse through the sleeves, or ask a reference
librarian. I check the computer, but usually it's to determin if the title
is in or not, not to go into the entire bib record to read to the patron. I
do think you can't make a blanket policy to say you will be labeling
everying that might offend someone. You would end up labeling everything.
Yes, teachers should preview first. In an ideal world, that would happen.
But we don't live there. You have to know your community and your patrons.
What's that one library principle - Save the time of the reader.

And as far as pricing goes, yep, I look at price. I said it, and Carol did
- who can tell a patron they have to fork over $200 to $300 for a damaged
video? When I see those titles reviewed, I sigh and move on to the next
reviewed title. Selection includes cost consideration. With money as
tight as it is, I need to get the best bang for my buck. I would love to
have some of these educational titles. Our library is a partner in a
community organization dedicated to promoting health for teens.
Organizations who are partners with this network would love to have access
to these titles on a regular basis. However, if I only order 1 or 2 titles
from a company, would they give me the same discount - 28% - that Baker and
Taylor do? Or Instructional Video's 15%? Probably not. I don't blame them.
I am not submitting a huge order.

Sorry this is so long.

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