Re: content warnings

Rick Faaberg (
Tue, 7 Dec 1999 11:43:35 -0800 (PST)

On 12/7/99 11:04 AM, Barb Bergman at may have

> I agree that a title such as "Female Circumcision" should be enough of a
> warning for those of us with common sense.
> Common sense, however, is not all that common. Depending on your patrons, a
> simple label stating "This program contains graphic scenes that viewers may
> find disturbing" may be a prudent move on your part. I personally would
> prefer to give certain people a heads up beforehand--rather than having to
> deal with an irate patron after the fact.
> my two cents worth,
> Barb

And in public K-12 it's especially important to give teachers the "heads up"
on titles that children and/or their parents may find objectionable.

This isn't limited to programs that contain violence or language or nudity,
etc., it also includes titles related to such subjects as family
relationships, for example.

Yes, K-12 may be unique. We DO censor materials (through the preview process
that we conduct on all acquisitions) and we DO label some materials as
potentially controversial when needed. Our actual labels say "Preview Before
Showing Recommended".

ALL teachers should preview ALL videos before showing them in class, of
course, but we know some of them don't and, with the labels, we give 'em
that little nudge to do so.

Oregon, USA