Interesting pricing

Elizabeth Stanley (
Tue, 7 Dec 1999 09:57:40 -0800 (PST)

Carol Dunn and videolib friends,

Keep in mind that Bullfrog Films offers a generous video warranty with every
purchase of a Bullfrog video:

"To safeguard your investment in Bullfrog videocassettes, we will replace
any damaged, stolen or misplaced Bullfrog VHS videocassette for $25. This
warranty applies as long as the program is offered for sale. Please notify
us of the circumstances."

I can't speak for other video publishers, but Bullfrog Films video prices
are established in negotiations with the independent filmmakers who produce
the videos. We pay royalties to these producers on all sales and rentals.
Other costs include lab costs, advertising, printing, postage, shipping,
marketing, research & development, film festival entry fees, travel,
exhibits, sales commissions, payroll, mortgage, utilities, beer, wine and
food for the cats. Anyone who thinks the price of a video is all profit, is
(in the immortal words of PRI's Michael Feldman on "Whad'Y Know?") "itching
for a fight."


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