Re: Interesting prices follow-up from Chip Taylor

Chip Taylor (
Tue, 7 Dec 1999 08:30:12 -0800 (PST)

I want to follow-up to Myles' input and to address Pricing in general:
He said:
>While it is true that we can can both get parts of a show on a single tape
>still get charged for two parts or three (or however many parts it is broke
>into) as explained by my CTC rep. I do not feel this is right, espically
if the
>program is intended to be one complete program. If is one program, then
>us for one program not three.
>Myles Jaeschke
>Tulsa City County Library
>Film Librarian

My response:
Hi Myles,
I was considering discussing the pricing aspect when I wrote my earlier
response, but decided not to "go on" too much. So let me take this
opportunity to address your question about pricing.
The key is there is ONE price per program. But for proper accounting of
royalties, there does have to be individual-part prices as well. Most
libraries who order the whole program on 1 tape receive the per program
price plus the option of a license or a very generous discount off that
price. Since you (and most libraries) don't require any additional licensing
(such as CCTV, ITFS, etc.) you opt for the discount.
I publish my pricing in my catalog and on (see Ordering
Information) so everyone has something in writing. I do agree it may take a
few minutes to understand the pricing formula, but that few minutes is time
well spent. Because I know from 24 years of experience in this business, my
customers are much better served being 100% certain of what licensing they
have acquired for their institution. Also, since CTC owns ALL rights to ALL
titles we distribute in the US, I emphasize that pricing is based on the
Licensing and Video Format that a customer requires.

I've actually outlined some Keys to Pricing - which is about 5 paragraphs
long - and would be happy to email them to you (or anyone), if you like.

I hope that clears up Pricing from our end. It's vital to me (and my sales
staff) that you and my other customers feel fairly treated. I work on that
daily while doing my best to provide the best product and services possible
in a very competitive world.

Thanks again,

Chip Taylor