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Tatar, Becky (
Mon, 6 Dec 1999 15:57:21 -0800 (PST)

Dear Jim,
First, thanks for your personal reply to my questions. Second, putting the
newsletter on the web and the listserv sounds like a good idea. If people
want hard copy, they could always make a print out. Online access would
probably enable the newsletter to be put out on a more timely basis, with
more contributions, if that would be possible. And as far as what was noted
in a previous post, I always noticed that this list was monitored by the
vendors. I think that's great, and it has helped me a great deal in
assisting patrons at my library.

Becky Tatar
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> From: Jim Scholtz
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> Subject: VRT Newsletter and Opinion Poll
> Hi All you VRT members,
> This is just a note to tell you that the Fall VRT Newsletter will be
> winging its way to your mailbox (snail-mail wise, that is) soon. Tom
> Fowler is finished crafting and duplicating and is awaiting mailing labels
> from ALA. We are sorry for the delay, but the timing will be just perfect
> before the Midwinter ALA meetings in San Antonio. I can hardly wait.
> I would like to hear from all VRT members on this issue. I'd even like to
> hear from potential VRT members and videolist serv lurkers (please
> indicate
> preference here) on this issue. The VRT newsletter is very expensive to
> duplicate and, since we are supposed to be one of the more technology-wise
> groups in ALA, it seems only logical that we consider putting our
> newsletter on our website either as an HTML document or downloadable .pdf
> format. So I'd like to hear from people...
> 1) Do you think putting the VRT Newsletter on our website is a good idea?
> (We would probably stop hard copy printing)
> 2) Do you have access to a PC/web browser and Adobe Acrobat 2.0 or
> greater?
> 3) Do you have an individual e-mail address to send the newsletter to?
> (this may sound like a dumb question since I'm talking to you over e-mail)
> 4) What barriers do you see for yourself in placing the newsletter on the
> website?
> Thanks for your input. Just remember, if I don't hear anything from you
> folks, I'm going to bring it up to the Executive Committee and make it
> happen - cause right now I think that it's a good idea. Jim Scholtz.