Re: Interesting prices
Mon, 6 Dec 1999 07:32:10 -0800 (PST)

Bravo Milos, Randy et al! This discussion is exactly what the "new
technology" (internet) can do for us. For years we would offer programs at
conferences, write journal articles, but nothing approached the "democracy"
of this forum for discussion.

As an observer of this "scene" for a whole bunch of years, it is my opinion
that for the most part we are dealing with people of good will on both sides
of the question. The shrinking of the "educational film" business over the
past 10 years showsa that the distributors have a real (and sobering)
point--they cannot live on home video prices in the library market. And
libraries have a terrible time justifying $300 for a video for a home video

Do I have a solution? No, but I am delighted with the propect of civil
discourse on the subject! And one area I think we have a chance of changing
is that of the availability of straightforward bibliographic information.
Happy Holidays to everybody,
Sally Mason-Robinson