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Date: Sat, 04 Dec 1999 12:54:43 -0600
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Subject: Call for Papers

Dear Colleague:

Recently, Gwendolyn Foster and I were appointed editors-in-chief
of QUARTERLY REVIEW OF FILM AND VIDEO, an established journal
that's been around for some fifteen years. We've assembled a whole new
board, and we would like to get the ball rolling with a Spring issue,
which would be
Vol 17, No. 1.

Here is the call for papers for the journal. If you could possibly
disseminate this as
widely as you can, to all listserv groups, electronic journals, bulletin
you think best, electronically, perhaps we can get some manuscripts in
to make this a reality. Snail mail is simply too slow.

Many thanks!!


The new editors of The Quarterly Review of Film and Video seek
manuscripts in any area of film and video, video installations and
digital production, history, theory, and reception, covering the widest
possible range of approaches and subjects of interest to potential
contributors. We seek to publish the finest in international film
criticism, theory and history in all areas, and encourage Queer,
technological, postmodernist, preformatted, ethnographic,
postcolonial, spectatorial, psychoanalytic, interdisciplinary,
phenomenological, and alternative critical and historical methodologies.

We also seek interviews with directors, writers, cinematographers,
performers, theorists, archivists, actors, video artists, and digital

To be considered for publication, manuscripts should be between 15-25
pages long, IN MLA FORMAT ONLY (use the 5th edition of the MLA
Handbook as your model), using parenthetical citations with NO
and a list of works cited at the end of the essay. Language in all
essays should be
free of gender bias. Manuscripts should be complete and ready to
no rough drafts. Submit one hard copy of the manuscript, and a copy on
disc, preferably in Microsoft Word (Macintosh) format. Include a short
bibliographical note at the end of the manuscript, on a separate page.
not embed your name or any running headers in the text. Manuscripts will

not normally be returned to contributors. Manuscripts will be subject to

pre-screening, and then a formal review process. Any still photographs
illustrating the article must be submitted with the initial manuscript,
with brief captions and credit lines. Permissions and clearances for all

such stills or illustrations are the sole responsibility of the author,
and must be obtained in advance of publication. In order to be
the full postal address, FAX number, phone number, and e-mail address of

the author must be included. E-Mail queries or abstracts are encouraged;

if the subject is of interest, we will invite you to submit the complete


Send all manuscripts and inquiries to:

Gwendolyn Foster and
Wheeler Winston Dixon
Editors in Chief
Quarterly Review of Film and Video
Department of English
202 Andrews Hall