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The following US archives have 16 mm. prints of AUTOMATIC MOVING COMPANY
(US and UK title). Original French title (prod. by Pathe Freres-Comica --
aka Pathe-C.G.P.C.) is: LE GARDE-MEUBLE AUTOMATIQUE. You will need to
take up loan/rental issues with whichever archive you contact. Also,
remember shipping/handling and insurance costs.

[Use both titles when contacting the archives, as depending on the print
they have it may be with original French title, or English translated
title. I don't know if it matters if you want the French or
English-language release; sorry, can't tell from our records here if
there are any intertitles.]

1) UCLA Film & Television Archive. 16 mm. reference print. Call #
FD0000064741 (Box 91, Can 1081). From their catalog record: "U.S.
release version with English title card?" NOTE: "Viewing on premises
only." [Meaning, they might not lend this copy or perhaps charge you for
a dup, assuming the film is _can_ be copied. This admonition applies,
obviously, to any of these archives listed] Contact: Eddie Richmond,

2) George Eastman House (Rochester, NY). 16 mm. acetate archival
positive. Their title main entry field [MARC 245] is the French title,
so their copy *may* be French. Contact: Paolo Cherchi Usai, 716/271.3361
x 375.

3) Museum of Modern Art. Only information is that they have a print;
assume it's 16 mm., but don't know for sure. Also, don't know if it's
French or English. Contact: Steve Higgins, 212/708.9602.

Source of basic information in our database on this short film (production
no. 4845; Pegre) is from CATALOGUE PATHE DES ANNEES (1912-14) / Henri
Bousquet, p. 517.

[Overseas, the only copy I can find is at the National Film Archives,
London; don't know the physical format.]

Hope this helps. Contact me directly if you need more information.



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> My apologies -
> I know I already sent my question to the list yesterday. A slip of the
> mouse just sent it out to you all again.
> Marilyn
> >Does anyone know where I can rent a 16mm film of "The Automatic Moving
> Company" (Romeo Bosetti, 1912) for a >classroom showing? Actually, since I
> haven't been able to locate it at all, I'd be glad to hear of a source for
> it in >any format. Thanks in advance.
> >Marilyn Huntley
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