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Hi Brigid,

..except for one, and to my mind, very critical difference. I too am a
careful shopper and I'm telling you that you do not find "clothes,
appliances or cars" being sold for 50% *over* retail. When a readily
available video that everyone is selling for $24.95 (because that's the list
price) or some 10-20% below, is being sold by a company for $99, I think
that's a very different scenario from the one where you might get your Levis
at 10% off retail at Billy Bob's Duds or luck out with 15% off retail at
Sarah Anne's Jeans.

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> Okay, I know this won't be a popular attitude, but to add a grain of salt
> to this discussion:
> I'm not surprised when I check different grocery stores and find widely
> varying prices on items. Or clothes, or appliances, or cars. And you folks
> don't want to know what we pay for housing here in San Francisco (take
> whatever you pay for rent and double or triple it. Don't ask about buying
> houses.).
> I shop around on the Internet for media just like anyone else. And just
> like anyone else I don't like getting burned. But I also accept the fact
> that I'm going to get burned every once in a while, at the grocery store
> or the media store. I live, learn, and try to not get too obsessed about
> it.
> Re: Insight Media and Films for the Humanities and Sciences: I have had
> very little difficulty with either of these vendors on returns - either
> for credit or as an exchange for a different video of the same price. My
> university has received premiums from FHS too - two DVD players this year.
> Nice ones, too. And for premiums like that I have no problems calling or
> e-mailing about them. So particularly for a high price vendor, personal
> and friendly contact with them can work wonders.
> It's not a perfect world, people. The vendors aren't perfect, but then,
> neither are we. They're trying to make the best use of their resources,
> just like we are. So let's all live, learn, and not get too obsessed about
> it, okay?
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