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Although my "Video Librarian" editorial *was* going to be on--to paraphrase
Mr. Kurtz--"the electronic horror, the electronic horror" of misinformation
on the net and elsewhere (does your onscreen satellite guide regularly tell
you too that some 1954 B&W classic is rated "R" for "strong sexual
content"?), I think that the power of the net is the better story here. I've
carped about this stuff in VL for years--as a central hub for videos sent
for review, we see this all the time--and predicted many moons ago that a
combination of the net and networking would reveal some pretty ugly pricing
discrepancies, sparking a bit of a revolt from peeved customers.

Judging from the recent commentary, that day of reckoning is upon us. I've
noted Ben Achtenberg's and Betsy Sherer's thoughtful commentary on the
producer/distributor side and am pretty familiar with the librarian's side
of the issues under discussion here. If any other producer/distributors
would like to weigh in, this would be a good time (we have to go to layout
by the end of next week), otherwise this particular heads-up to thousands of
librarians is going to begin with Margaret Dew's apt headline: "Power to the

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> >From the public library sector--count me in! I especially agree with
> Judy's frustrations with FFTH for all the same reasons and with the same
> result. They see very little of my money. May I add that their habit of
> dividing any program longer than 30 minutes into a multi-part, multi-tape
> "series" drives me crazy too.
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