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Jessica (
Fri, 3 Dec 1999 07:09:31 -0800 (PST)

As far as I know Arab Film Distributors is the exclusive distributor of
their high end (exspensive) titles. Basically they are films for which their
is presumed to be too small a market to be sold retail thus the very high
price. Companies like this feel that unless they charge $200 plus per tape
they can not stay in business. This is the flip side of some of the issues
that have been discussed lately. In the case of Arab Film Distributors I
think they would be VERY receptive to selling their titles for much less IF
they could sell enough copies to cover the difference. I think the list (
and others in the library media world) could formulate a plan to work with
companies like this to assure them that they would sell enough copies to
make it worth while to lower the price.
Anyone got any ideas?

>From: "Joan O'connor" <>
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>Subject: Re: Your Listserv discussion
>Date: Fri, Dec 3, 1999, 4:08 AM

>Dear Videolibbers,
> While we are talking pricing, I have requests for several Arab films.
>When I contacted they indicated that libraries are their
>"bread and butter"accounts so the prices are $250-$300 per film with a
>few exceptions. Home use is, of course, much cheaper. But is there
>somewhere else where I can find thes films? I found one at,
>amazon, and facets and one other title is less expensive at arabfilm but
>what about those others: 2, 4, 5, & 6?
>Dear Joan,
>Here is a list of Arab films we should get, most of them are not very
>expensive and they are by very well-known directors.
>1. A Door to the sky by Farida Ben yzaid (a woman director from
>Morocco)--$39.99 (
>2. Omar Gatlato by Merzak Allouache
>3. Salut Cousin by Merzak Allouache--$58.49 (
>4. The Golden horseshoes by Nouri Bouzid
>5. The Dove's lost Necklace by Nacer Khemir
>6. Bent Familia by Nouri Bouzid