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Count me in. I used to spend a big chunk of my materials budget
with FFHS. Now I spend very little. The major reason, aside
from the date business and the repackaging deal, is that the
academic quality of what FFHS has chosen to put in their
collection lately leaves much to be desired. How many of you
have ordered a spiffy title from their catalog only to receive
it and find that it is some 20 minute segment off of a
television news station, for example in San Antonia Texas. The
segment is fluff or dumbed down general interest and contains no
significant or new information. (We don't preview titles under
$100 - maybe we should.) I can't trust what I order to be of
college quality.

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RE: Interesting pricing

Hi all.

This recent discussion has gotten me to thinking: we're 400 or 500 strong
on this list, not a bad chunk of buying power. Seems to me that as a sort
of pressure group, we might be able to lean on vendors whose practices, or odd. I don't think Insight would care a fig
about what we say...I think FFHS would.

Should we be doing something en masse?


At 08:35 AM 12/01/1999 -0800, you wrote:
>I agree. My other pet peeve, and this applies primarily to
>FFHS, is not including the date. You wouldn't believe how many
>duplicates were ordered this past year because of this trick of
>putting old titles into "sets" and renaming the set.
>Also, it appears that a number of titles this past two years are
>not the exclusive right of one distributor to sell and so
>several distributors will handle the same work and alter the
>description and/or title and call that item "new" in their
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> You have stumbled on one of my pet peeves! I dread the appearance of
>faculty requests from their catalogs! I always feel morally obligated to
>research all the alternative pricing options on their titles before finally
>placing an order with Insight! They also have a tricky way of supplying
>titles which do not accurately reflect the item.... thus I have ended up
>with duplicates on occasion despite my best sleuthing efforts!
> Arrrrrrgh!
> Beth Hansen
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>> Thumbing thru the latest Insight Media catalog, I noticed two interesting
>> things:
>> Woman in the Dunes is listed at $149 (it sells for $29.95 at FACETS)
>> Marat/Sade is listed at $99 (it sells for $24.95 at FACETS)
>> Somehow, I don't think shipping and handling account for the differences.
>> Any Insight lurkers out there want to address this?
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