And now for something completely different...

M. Dew (
Wed, 1 Dec 1999 07:50:25 -0800 (PST)

Dear Colleagues,

I and my fellow staff members here at the SMU CMIT are currently in
the throes of setting up a very elaborate and sophisticated media
booking system developed by Endeavor Information Systems.

I would love to hear if any of you out there are currently using this
Voyager Booking Module, or are trying to get it on line, or are
thinking about it. I could use some intellectual and moral support
on this baby. Our target date for getting it up and running is
12/17, and we've been working on it since early September and we
keep hitting walls.

You may reply to me personally at my email address, or, if any of you
think this is worth a public discussion, then let's have at it.

Bountiful thanks in advance,

Southern Methodist University
Center for Media and IT
103C Fondren Library West
Dallas, TX 75275

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