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Judy Jones (
Fri, 19 Nov 1999 08:54:20 -0800 (PST)

In general, we circulate as follows:

Audiocassettes and CDs and CD-ROMs = 1 week, total of 5 items
students, staff and faculty.

Educational videos and 16mm films, in-house use only for
students, 24-hour checkout for faculty if spur-of-the -moment
counter checkout and up to 1 week if booked in advance
through our MediaMinder booking system. Students may book through
faculty for class presentations. Students - 1 item at a time,
faculty as many as they want. Staff same as faculty.

Theatrical releases (movies, feature films) 24-hour checkout or
Friday-Monday, students, staff, faculty. One item during week, 2
items over weekend.

Slides, 1 week, students, staff or faculty.

We don't interlibrary loan; we occasionally lend for 24-hours to
state agencies.

We have the OneCard system here, introduced 2 years ago. At
that time we barcoded our collection over a January break,
installed light pens. Except for a few faculty, staff, and
students (the normal grumblers) this has been extremely
successful. Overdue notices are now automatically generated by
the general circulation INNOPAC system.

We charge $.25 per hour overdue fee for every every hour the
library is open to a maximum of $10 overdue fee and, if
necessary, $10 billing fee. We charge the replacement rate for
lost item. We are able to place holds on student records so
they can't register until fees are cleared up. This is all
done automatically by our circulation package. We are able to
attach faculty tax refunds if it comes to that.

E-mail me directly for further info if you want.

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Video circulation


We are anticipating the opening of a new library which will include a state of the art Media Center. This Center will include both our microtext collections and the College's collection of videos and
Before this opening date, we realize we need to have in place a clear policy in regard to the circulation of these materials. What can circulate, to whom, for how long are among the questions we are
We are of course discussing this issue with many parts of our college community to include their views and ideas in our final policy decisions. We would be very interested, and would find it very hel
Thank you for any help you can offer.

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