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Dear Videolibbers,

For all non-VL readers who are wondering what the heck all the hullaballoo
is about re: Mike Tribby's reviews (which appeared in the latest issue of
Video Librarian in a boxed section entitled "Cannabis Chronicles"), here
they are in full. Although I may be somewhat biased as an editor, I think
they are pretty good shit (Gary, can I say that on the listserv? Or will it
make some software program burp and throw an algorithm?). And then--although
I am not the playground monitor here--I think we should all go back to work

Cannabis Chronicles

Weed **
(1996) 64 min. $19.95. Vanguard Films. Color cover. ISBN: 1-892649-16-0.
Innocent of narration and nearly so of direction, this loopy, goofy video
takes viewers on a tour of the eighth annual Cannabis Cup and Hemp Expo in
Amsterdam. The madcap array of conventioneers supply a colorful human
backdrop as the video more or less documents the Cup competition. Judges
(and others) are seen sampling the competing products, and this is one of
those places where the cinema verité aspects of the production go a little
awry. Sad to say, pot samplers make for just about as intriguing ruminators
as beer drinkers: much of their conversation is decidedly nonlinear. Still,
the good-humored air of the video does render a fine portrait of Amsterdam,
especially the hash coffeeshops, and it nicely captures the ambiance of
large, stoned gatherings, but it may not be everybody's cup of electric tea.
In other words, while it's easy to imagine this vid as a big hit at a party,
as fare for the non-imbiber it's probably useless. Quite optional. Aud: C,
P. (M. Tribby)

Cannabis Cultivation Outdoors: A Twelve Step Program for Growing Medical
Marijuana ****
(1999) 27 min. $30. Wo/Men's Alliance for Medical Marijuana. PPR. Color
In this clear, concise, and well-organized how-to on cultivating marijuana
[Editor's note: not that we advocate any such thing], host Mike Corral
explains and demonstrates the pot growing regimen from germination to
harvest and even to storage of the yield, clearly explaining tricky but
vital matters like sexing the young plants (as in some social situations,
males are undesirable) and creating airtight storage vessels through the use
of drinking straws. Central to the presentation is the technique of pinning
the growing plant to the soil to promote higher yields and make better use
of available space, a gambit which also keeps the plants from towering over
one's garden fence and away from prying eyes. Other helpful tips include
covering incurable timber rot with tape and the use of chicken, horse and
rabbit manure--and lots of it--to achieve a "sweet" pH in the soil. Medical
information in some states, subversive if well-intentioned propaganda in
others, this is an excellent guide to cultivating marijuana. The producers
intend this video for use in producing medical marijuana, but one suspects
their advice will be appreciated by other interested parties, too. Highly
recommended--in fact, smokin'. Editor's Choice. Aud: C, P. (M. Tribby)

Emperor of Hemp ***
(1999) 59 min. $19.95. Double J Films (dist. by UFO Central Home Video).
PPR. Color cover.
Jack Herer is a crusader who discovered in the 1970s that the U.S.
government was spreading false information about marijuana and now believes
that same government to be virtually incapable of telling the truth about
much of anything. Herer's book The Emperor Wears No Clothes (LC and many
catalogers think the title is: Hemp and the Marijuana Conspiracy ) is a
venerated pro-weed, anti-government screed, and now Jack is bringing his
message to the small screen. Featuring a wonderful soundtrack (Bonnie Raitt,
Joe Walsh, Cheap Trick--what? No Bunny Wailer or Keith Richards?), narrated
by Peter Coyote and endorsed by Bill Maher, the video details Herer's story
and his ongoing crusade to bring rationality to the nation's drug policies.
All blame does not accrue to the government in the questionable war on
drugs, and our Jack is not afraid to butt heads with big business. This is a
well-done documentary about an interesting man thoroughly involved in an
important social issue of the moment. Collections wishing to provide access
to information on both sides of the marijuana question should acquire this
powerful and inexpensive statement forthwith. Recommended. Aud: C, P. (M.

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> YOU resent that, Gary? Hey those were my reviews, and my usual pseudonym
> is Dr. Funkenhonky, but for important stuff like this I use my real name.
> Also, though I love Berkeley, the Madison Wisconsin area I inhabit stands
> behind no area in these matters of popular culture. Hey, I'm just glad
> people read my stuff. One love, guys.
> Yours in Jah,
> Mike Tribby
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> >I resent that comment,! have you ever noticed how cool the
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> >>yeah, i noticed that too--probably the alias of one of the
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