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Mike Tribby (
Thu, 18 Nov 1999 10:32:24 -0800 (PST)

YOU resent that, Gary? Hey those were my reviews, and my usual pseudonym
is Dr. Funkenhonky, but for important stuff like this I use my real name.
Also, though I love Berkeley, the Madison Wisconsin area I inhabit stands
behind no area in these matters of popular culture. Hey, I'm just glad
people read my stuff. One love, guys.

Yours in Jah,

Mike Tribby
Senior Cataloger
Quality Books Inc.

At 08:52 AM 11/18/99 -0800, you wrote:
>I resent that comment,! have you ever noticed how cool the
>ampersand on a computer keyboard looks in flourescent, I could
>really dig a package of Oreos right about now... uh... Yeah, just because
>Berkeley is the know, like the...epicenter of the cosmos,
>, have you ever checked out how the clicking of a computer
>keyboard sorta sounds like Jerry Garcia's main riff in Dark Star...uh, what
>was I saying...did someone say pot videos...never inhale the
> was I saying...?
>At 02:51 PM 11/17/1999 -0800, you wrote:
>>> I was entertained to see in the latest Video Librarian that a certain M.
>>> Tribby got to review all of the pot videos (Weed, Cannabis Cultivation
>>> Outdoors, and Emperor of Hemp).
>>yeah, i noticed that too--probably the alias of one of the
>>UC-Berkeley videodrones... (gary?)
>>-margaret dew
>>big D
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