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Fiona Green (f.green@uwinnipeg.ca)
Tue, 16 Nov 1999 11:27:44 -0800 (PST)

please take my name and address off your list serve list as my interests do not
correspond with those of the list serve.

Judy Falzon wrote:

> >If you're tired of contemplating the intricacies of video public performance
> >rights, I have something different for you to ponder . . . public
> >performance of audio recordings in the library. Specifically, is it OK to
> >play an audio recording as part of a children's storytime program? Or does
> >a library need to maintain BMI and ASCAP licenses to be safe.
> >I'd appreciate any clarification on this subject.
> >Thanks,
> >Sharon
> >Sharon Herfurth
> >Central Texas Library System
> >Austin, TX
> ***My understanding from ASCAP representative is that playing
> audiocassettes and cds from the library's collection in the library
> constitutes a public performance and is not okay without purchasing a
> license or otherwise obtaining permission.
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