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>Hello Gary, Thankyou for doing this. It is an important film and
>educational tool for family violence and child abuse prevention, and
>families facing abuse. Perhaps you can let readers know that there was an
>address change from previous email. Thanks graciously, Simon Weinberg
>"This excellent documentary shows that child sexual abuse survivors
>can empower themselves with help from professionals. Highly recommended."--
>Library Journal July 99--
>"This documentary does the most difficult, almost impossible feat:it
>admits the sick and cruel past. In doing so, it becomes therapy for a
>healthful future. This is an exhibition of abundant courage and great
>heart. Thankyou." Maya Angelou
>The Healing Years documentary profiles three women on their journey
>of pain and despair from incest following their story from childhood
>to adulthood. Their incredible process of recovery helps to end the
>cycle of incest and childhood sexual abuse for generations ahead.
>Featured, former Miss America, Marilyn Van Derbur and her nationwide
>work as child abuse prevention activist; Janice Mirikitami, President
>of San Francisco's renowned Glide Memorial Church, as she helps
>inner-city women alcoholics and addicts (90% were sexually abused as
>children) transform the cycle of incest and addiction; and Barbara
>Hamilton, a 79-year old suvivor ending three generations of incest
>in her family.
>Artfully produced, the Healing Years illustrates these poignant and
>powerfull stories through interviews, intimate moments with
>supportive family members, counseling groups, their activist
>work, and 8mm home film footage.
>The Healing Years, Directed by Kathy Barbini
>Produced in Association with Future Educational Films, Inc. a non-profit
>organization whose mission is to produce and distribute quality
>programs on critical issues affecting children, women and families.
>Public Libraries/non-profits: $99
>Universities and Organizations : $199
>plus $9 shipping and handling
>*NOTE: BUDGET CONCERNS?: This is an important public service program which
>all libraries should have; therefore, producers from Future Educational
>Films will make the program available at prices according to lower budgets.
> Please email budget requests to producers:
>Please mail check or purchase order to:
>Future Educational Films, Inc.
>1407 De La Vina St.
>Santa Barbara, CA 93101
>email: (producer/director: Kathy Barbini)
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