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Look - I'm really sorry to come into all this so late (Have been away) and
stir the pot some more, but did anyone notice that the original question
came from Saskatoon in Canada? Canadian copyright law differs quite a lot
from US law and I have definitely been told by lawyers in copyright
workshops here in Vancouver that - sadly - PPR is necessary in senior
citizen homes. While it may possibly be that there are "details" about single
rooms vs. common rooms etc., I think Carol should carefully check the
Canadian Copyright act or the CLA site for copyright info. before she
goes ahead.

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On Mon, 15 Nov 1999, Jessica wrote:

> Yes that is what I was refering to in my earlier post. The "agreement" was a
> face saving device by the MPPA which had lost a court case with the nursing
> homes. I believe the association paid $1.00 for the "licence"
> Jessica
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> >Also, a few years ago the association of nursing homes made an agreement with
> >the video industry so that nursing homes would not be subject to public
> >performance restrictions. Don't know if it's still in effect, but that was
> >certainly the intention.
> >Sally Mason-Robinson
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