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Mon, 15 Nov 1999 12:17:39 -0800 (PST)

I have a collection of 3/4" videotapes circa 1970 called the "Chelsea House History Machine". It is a collection of approximately 48 programs on 22 videocassettes with each program being an approximately 15 minute tightly edited voice over narrated segment of original footage dealing with certain events or a period of American history.
I'd like to duplicate the series onto vhs, and am wondering if anyone out there knows what happened to Chelsea House or who has the rights to these now.
If anyone on the list has any idea, please respond to the list and/ or to me at the following address: ""

The titles in the series are:
Title: United States Army.
Title: World War I.
Title: The Versailles Peace.
Title: Intervention in Siberia.
Title: Harding and Coolidge.
Title: Economic Revolution.
Title: The Twenties.
Title: Charles A. Lindbergh.
Title: Herbert C. Hoover.
Title: Franklin D. Roosevelt, The Early Years.
Title: Roosevelt and the Mass Media.
Title: Roosevelt and his Critics.
Title: Roosevelt and the third Parties, 1936.
Title: Isolationism or Intervention Pt. 1.
Title: Isolationism or Intervention Pt. 2.
Title: The U.S. Enters WWII.
Title: World War II.
Title: The Casblanca Summit Meetings.
Title: East-West Summit.
Title: D-Day.
Title: The Makers of the Atomic Bomb.
Title: The Crimean Conference.
Title: The Politics of War.
Title: Hiroshima.
Title: World War II Ends.
Title: Forward to Peace.
Title: Truman's Post-War Legacy.
Title: Reaction Against Labor. Title: The U.S. and China.
Title: Harry Truman and His Critics.
Title: Harry S. Truman-Inauguration.
Title: Truman & the Policy of Containment Part 1.
Title: Truman & the Policy of Containment Part 2.
Title: The Korean War - Part 1.
Title: The Korean War - Part 2.
Title: Dwight D. Eisenhower.
Title: Joseph R. McCarthy.
Title: The Struggle for Racial Equality.
Title: Summit Diplomacy.
Title: Democratic Resurgence.
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