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Media library might want to preview or acquire the most honored and
highest rated educational video series of the year.

Strongly recommended by both The School Library Journal and Booklist,
here’s what they said about the series:

“Superbly narrated by Kelly McGillis, this 3-part series illustrates the
desperate need for a balance between the needs of people and the
environment to ensure a healthy, productive society.”

“Employing live-action, computer animation, satellite images, archival
footage and an excellent script, Journey To Planet Earth enjoys
excellent video and audio qualities and far surpasses its teaching
objectives. An extraordinary production -- a must buy for media
libraries.” -- School Library Journal, August 1999.

“12-Adult. This ambitious three-volume set explores the fragile
relationship between people and the world they inhabit. Actor Kelly
McGillis’ sincere narration guides viewers through the programs.
Lavishly shot, this series introduces world-wide environmental concerns
to students and other interested viewers.” -- Booklist, December, 1999

Episode One - RIVERS OF DESTINY investigates problems which result from
tampering with the natural environment of rivers. Locations:
Mississippi, Amazon, Jordan and Mekong Rivers. (55 Min. VHS)

Episode Two - THE URBAN EXPLOSION explores ways to sustain a growing
urban population without destroying the environment. Locations: Mexico
City, Istanbul, Shanghai and New York City. (55 Min. VHS)

Episode Three - LAND OF PLENTY, LAND OF WANT examines how farmers can
feed Earth’s growing population without impoverishing the land.
Locations: Zimbabwe, France, China and the United States. (55 Min. VHS)

AWARDS: First Prize, Columbus International Film & Video Festival; Two
Gold Medals and a Bronze, Chicago International Film & Video Festival;
Three Golden Eagles, CINE Film Festival and Silver Medal, Houston
International Film Festival.

Series Price $399 or $149 Per Title

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What Else Has Been Said About JOURNEY TO PLANET EARTH

“Superb environmental miniseries is must viewing!” -- The Buffalo News
School Library Journal

“Surprise! TV schedule [Journey To Planet Earth] not bad for a
non-sweeps period.” -- Cincinnati Post

“Journey To Planet Earth makes environmental issues understandable,
accessible and personal.” -- Dominion Post (Morgantown, WV)

“The film and graphics in this series are quite good and you learn a
lot.” -- Courier-Journal (Louisville, KY)

“A hidden treasure -- well not exactly hidden -- that will lead you to
some fascinating and important programs.” -- Pittsburgh Magazine

“Mark Tuesday, April 6th on your calendar for the start of a remarkable
television event.” -- The Intelligencer (Belleville, Ontario)

Their films [Hal and Marilyn Weiner] have at their core a celebration of
people -- what they call “human geography.” -- Satellite Orbit Magazine

“Pick Of The Week.”
Austin American-Statesman
Baltimore Sun
Christian Science Monitor
Commercial Appeal (Memphis, TN)
Daily Advance (Elizabeth City, NC)
`Sacramento Bee
Sunday New Journal (Wilmington, DE)
Sunday Republican (Springfield, MA)
Sunday Times (Washington, DC)
The Washington Post
Times (Trenton, NJ)

“Today's Best Bet on TV.”
Anchorage Daily News
Birmingham Post-Herald
Charlotte Observer
Daily News (St. Thomas, VI)
Democrat and Chronicle (Rochester, NY)
Indianapolis Star
Knoxville News-Sentinel
Patriot News (Harrisburg, Pa)
Philadelphia Inquirer
San Francisco Sunday Examiner & Chronicle
The Detroit Free Press

Series Price $399 or $149 Per Title

For Sales Or 30-Day Free Preview Information:

Screenscope, Inc.
4330 Yuma Street, NW
Washington, DC 20016

Tel: (202) 364-0055
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